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What Do Ducks Eat

what do ducks eat

What Do Ducks Eat


Ducks are considered aquatic birds. They can live in both fresh and salt water. Have you ever wondered what do ducks eat?


When you are through reading this, you will be able to know about what do ducks eat.

Some people who are raising ducks as pets have the practice of feeding ducks stale breads. This practice is actually unhealthy and can be potentially dangerous to birds. Bread and other products like chips, crackers, and donuts are good sources of carbohydrates but they don’t have other nutritional value for birds. Bread is considered junk food for birds. Too much bread will lead to excessive weight gain, as well as malnutrition in ducklings.


Bread can be fattening to ducks and it will be harder for them to fly if they become heavy. Feeding ducks a lot of bread can lead to a host of other problems.

1) Overcrowding – where there is abundant food source, ducks and other birds will lay more eggs which will make the pond or lake overcrowded. This increases the possibility of territorial aggression.

2) Malnutrition – when ducks are regularly fed with bread, ducklings do not receive the nutrition that they need for proper growth.

3) Pollution – when there is too much bread being offered to ducks, naturally not all of it will be eaten. The soggy, uneaten bread will rot which will lead to algae growth that has the tendency to clog natural waterways.

4) Diseases – moldy bread is the main cause of aspergillosis, which is a fatal lung infection that can affect the entire flock. Carbohydrate-rich diet will lead to greater defecation. Bird feces will harbor bacteria that are responsible for numerous diseases.


So what do ducks eat then?

Most ducks’ diet includes grass, small fishes, insects, aquatic plants, worms and small mollusks, and small amphibians like frogs. Wild ducks will live longer and healthier lives if they rely on these natural food sources. There is specie of ducks called the goosander that can catch and eat large fishes. If you will need to feed ducks, you can try grapes that are cut in half, barley, oats, birdseed, and duck feed pellets that can be bought from supply stores.

You can get additional information about what do ducks eat in the Web. If you want to raise ducks as pets or as a means of livelihood, you have to take that responsibility and heart to be able to care for them the right way.

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