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Keeping Ducks As Pets

keeping ducks as pets


3 Important Tips On Keeping Ducks As Pets


Keeping ducks as pets might not be that popular of an option for animal lovers out there, but it is about as rewarding as keeping a dog or a cat, or any other animals that can be domesticated. They are inexpensive and fairly easy to care for, given an owner is willing to take these wonderful animals under their care. How is it keeping ducks as pets? Here are three facts.


1. On Caring for Ducks

Ducks are meant for the great outdoors. It might be comforting to think of keeping the duck inside the house, but they are an outdoor pet by nature. This does not apply to ducklings that have to be kept inside the home for the first four to five weeks of their life. This does not also mean setting the ducks loose in a backyard; they are an easy prey for bigger predators. Have them in a nice fencing or enclosure where they have the option to shield themselves away from the weather conditions. Owners learning how to raise ducks as pets also have the option to give their duck friends a little house, preferably facing away from the prevailing winds. The house should always be refreshed with clean straw for beddings. It also optional to place them near a little body of water so they have the option to swim. They can survive without swimming, but this can make them unhappy.

Making sure their needs are met is an easy yet important task in keeping ducks as pets. They must be warm and dry during the first four weeks of their lives. This can be achieved by using a heat bulb. During this stage, never leave them unattended with water. They can get chilled by exposure to water and get sick or could possibly drown. Their breasts will be covered with feathers by their fifth week, and this is an indication that they can now be situated outdoors. Ease them outside by placing their box outside and let them wander out on their own.


2. On Training Ducks

It is not only dogs who can be trained. Ducks are known to be an intelligent bunch and are emotional creatures. They have the ability to learn and understand commands, play toys and games with their owners if given the time to train. Keeping ducks as pets can also be rewarding because, like other domesticated animals, they also respond well to affection. They will adapt being around humans easily if handled well since young. It is also advisable to have several ducklings as pets instead of just one, because they are very sociable and prefer living in groups. They should not be raised alone. When they grow up, however, they need at least 10 feet of spaces each to avoid overcrowding.


3. On Understanding Behavior

Ducks are very precocious creatures, and can be very good pet companions. Some say ducks can even rival dogs in terms of relationship with humans. These animals are also highly intelligent and often prefer human companions than other ducks. They are also observed to follow their owners around, once bonded with them. Raising ducks as pets can also be rewarding emotionally, as ducks also reciprocate affection with snuggles. They are often described as being friendly, lovable but messy pets. The most popular breeds for pets are the Pekin, the Cayuga and the Khaki Campbells. The Pekin is a large, white duck that is attractive to be in yards. They have orange bills and legs, and are the most commonly seen in illustrations. They are both a popular choice for pets and for consumption. The Cayuga are larger, featuring a green-black color. This breed is a good egg layer, and much more reserved and quiet than other breeds. Medium sized with a slender neck, the Khaki Campbells are khaki colored with a brown upper head and neck. Fast growing, the Campbells are also superb layers that lay eggs resembling chicken eggs in size. The only downside in all these ducks are their life span that averages to seven years, a far cry from cats and dogs that can live up to more or less than twenty years.

Given all these points, keeping ducks as pets can prove to be a great decision. It is sure that these pets can give a family happiness and fulfillment.

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