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How To Raise Ducks

how to raise ducks


How To Raise Ducks Facts – 5 Important Tips For Beginners


Want a new feathered friend but have absolutely no idea on how to raise ducks? Raising ducks actually depend on the purpose. Is the duck a new pet and companion for the family? Or is the duck going to be supper in the future? If the former is the better choice, then here are some tips to have a happy, healthy and lovable pet.


1. Determine What You Need

First and foremost, research well on caring for ducks before actually getting one. There are a number of books and articles readily available on how to raise ducks, such as this one. Remember, just like any other pet, they need a knowledgeable and dedicated owner to make sure they are loved, well taken care of and every need is met. Make sure a household is compatible to have a duck. Weigh possible situations in having a pet duck in the household. Share the knowledge on how to rear ducks to the entire family, so they can also be effective pet owners, and be able to keep the duck in the family for a long time. Be sure to be ready to have duck, and remove the options of releasing it in the wild or ignoring it when care cannot be given anymore.


2. Prepare the necessary items

Second, prepare all the items needed in how to raise ducks. Where is the duck going to be kept? Purchase it’s bedding and housing beforehand. It is advised to provide adequate heat for the duckling, mimicking the warmth its mother gives. This is achievable with heat lamps. Arrange a cloth for its bedding for additional warmth and also so the duck can snuggle it. The food should also be an unmedicated chick starter feed for the early stages of the duck. Feel free to mix the food with a little bit of water so the duckling does not have a hard time swallowing and digesting it. Do not put a water dish that is for larger animals, because there is a risk of drowning. Prepare a shallow dish that is about beak deep. Make sure food and water is accessible to the duck at all times, and they will not be thirsty or starve.


3. Proper care

Proper care for the animal is the third and probably one of the most important tips on how to keep ducks. Don’t expect the duck to not make a mess; it is perfectly normal as all animals do. There is a duck diaper available online because they cannot control when they need to go. Patience is key because a lot of cleaning up is involved, especially on their early years. Grooming is not that tedious; as the duck’s daily preening is sometimes enough. It is not also prohibited to indulge the pet in a quick bath every now and then. Some ducks can fly, though not that high. If that can be a problem, there is an option to have the wings clipped on a regular basis.


4. Quality Time With Ducks

The fourth tip on how to raise ducks is bonding. Ducks require bonding with their owners, as they are very sociable creatures. They demand a lot of attention and must not be always left alone. Ducks are especially close with the human that takes care of them and spend time with them the most. They are trusting animals, and sometimes even follow their owners around the house! In some cases, being separated to their caretakers for long periods of time can cause anxiety and stress. Some activities owners can do with their ducks is sleeping and swimming. When letting a duckling swim, it is always important to support them and keep them supervised because they are not yet used to the activity. Do not tire them and make them rest for a time. Never let the duckling out of the line of sight, or make sure they have someone to watch them while owner is not available. They are an easy prey while they are younglings.


5. Keep Them In Shape

The last tip on raising ducks is the main thing to keep in mind. Love the pet. Animals are creatures with emotions, and they can definitely feel the bond they share with their owners. They will definitely reciprocate the love given to them. Keep them in tiptop shape and spend time with them. In the long run, these pets will give owners more than memories, and will become a well-loved part of the family.

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