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How To Build A Duck House

how to build a duck house

How To Build A Duck House


A shelter is a protective structure meant to keep its inhabitants from harm and this is why it is considered as one of the basic needs of man. When it comes to ducks, a shelter is one of the most important things that you have to provide in order to keep them safe from predators and harsh weather. However, before you can build a duck house, you have to first keep a few things in mind when rearing ducks.


There are two general types of housing designs which are intensive and semi-intensive.

The intensive design is where ducks are kept locked up day and night, while the latter is where ducks are kept inside during night, but left to roam outside during daytime. Regardless of the design, it is advisable that the floors of these houses be covered with litter, hay or wood shavings. These materials help absorb water to keep the inside dry and at the same time, provide a cushion for eggs to prevent breakage.


The location of where you are going to build a duck house should be taken into consideration as well. Too flat a land will impede drainage causing wastes to accumulate in the area. As a result, sanitation and eventually the health of your ducks will be compromised.

Drawing up a plan on how to build a duck house should be prioritized before anything else. Determine how many ducks you want to house and where the feeders should be. One should also ensure that the house is equipped with good drainage and ventilation systems to keep the duck house clean at all times.


To build a duck house, the kind of materials you want to use has to be the best there is.

If you are planning to use wood, they must be strong, stable and able to withstand the elements. It is also preferable that the duck house be rectangular because it gives ducks more room to move around.


The entrance hole of the house should also be large enough to allow bigger ducks access inside. The shape it should take must be able to accommodate the wide girth that ducks are naturally endowed with. You might also want to consider erecting a fence around the perimeter as a security measure. Ducks can be easy targets for predators because they usually do not fly and their heavy bodies slows down their pace.

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